Kayaking is just one of the fun things kids can do at summer camp.

5 Reasons Why Summer Camp is Great for Kids

Summer Camp can be one of the best experiences in a child’s life. They get to explore the world in a different way and learn about things they had never before imagined. There are Los Angeles camps for every interest from coding to kayaking to painting to skateboarding. Here are 5 Reasons why all of these unique experiences are great for kids.

Adventure – When was the last time your child had an adventure? When they went off on their own to explore? Camp is a great way for kids to try things they might not do on a normal day like hike on a mountain trail, visit a museum, learn parkour or swing on a trapeze.

A New Way to Learn – There are so many camps that are fun for kids, but also teach them things they might not be learning in school. Kids who may not spend much time outdoors can go to a camp where they learn to surf, zip line, sail or play sports like soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse or basketball. There are camps where kids can learn to code, make stop motion videos, write stories or plays, learn to play guitar or put on a show – all of these are great ways for children to find new activities.

Getting Out of Their Comfort Zone – Camp isn’t just about playing and learning. It can help parents introduce new ideas and experiences to their kids to help them grow. Children who are shy can make new friends while kids who might not like science or art or sports can try out these activities in an encouraging environment.

Fresh Air – Even if your child goes to a camp to learn a coding language, it’s likely that they will go outside at some point to run around and play. Getting outside during the summer is one of the best experiences of childhood and while you’re child might complain, they’ll be happy and tired when they get home at the end of the day.

Independence – You send your child to school, but it’s likely that there are always parents there. Camp gives kids a little freedom (supervised, of course) to explore and learn about the world around them. It’s a great way for them to have a little bit of freedom to explore, learn and play.