Learn to Surf LA

Learn to Surf LA has been providing summer youth surf camp since 2004. We have been honing our services for over a decade, and our camp prides itself in providing the best surf instruction in Los Angeles County. We are more than just a day camp – we will actually teach your kids how to surf, and by the end they will not only have had the time of their lives, they’ll be able to handle themselves competently in the water.

Aqua Surf is one of the super cool camps you'll find at the Summer Fun & Camp Fair on March 12, 2017.

Aqua Surf School

AQUA SURF School provides safe, fun and educational surf camps for kids and teens ages 5 to 17. Our students develop lifelong skills, lasting memories and treasured friendships.

Our instructors tailor the experience based on the needs of each individual, while maintaining a group/family-style atmosphere. We accommodate complete beginners to kids and teens learning at a pro-level.

We encourage everyone to have fun, let loose and be themselves. It’s especially important for young people to learn surfing and water safety skills in a protected environment. With this combination, our camps are an experience they will cherish forever.