Camp Ocean Pines

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Ages: 7-15

Dates: June 25th - August 11th, 2017


More About Camp Ocean Pines:
"We’re Camp Ocean Pines on the central coast of California and we love awkward kids. We also love hyper kids and shy kids. We love creative kids and athletic kids - kids who ask too many questions and kids who are nervous about being away from home. We love the messy kids, the movie quoting kids, the kids who would rather be wearing a cape, and of course the kids who always want to be outside.

We are the small camp with a lot of heart! We intentionally keep each session of camp small(around 75 campers) to create a family like atmosphere. We are the camp where the counselors are focused on your child making friends, the director knows every camper, and Chef Santa meets every dietary request with a smile :)"

Camp Ocean Pines

Address: 1473 Randall Drive, Cambria, CA, United States